Cabin in the Woods: Part 2

When it comes to my travel writings, I try to only work on the piece while traveling and then post it, no editing, no re-reading, just a quick post.  But with the last one, I felt as though I wanted to continue it on.  I decided to see where the characters would take me.  Thus … Continue reading Cabin in the Woods: Part 2


Travel Writings: Cabin in the Woods

This is my second installment of travel writing.  This was all written while my girlfriend and I went away to a cabin in Southeast Oklahoma for the weekend.  It was nice to getaway from everything. We were nestled away back deep in the woods without internet and very spotty cell phone reception at best.  We … Continue reading Travel Writings: Cabin in the Woods

Travel Writing: Stuck in Austin

The idea behind Travel Writing is simple. While on vacation or traveling out of town, I write. I began writing when I have free time, whatever is on my mind and when I get back, I type it up and post it. Very minimal editing. This was written during my 3 day weekend trip to … Continue reading Travel Writing: Stuck in Austin