Cogito, ergo sum

Currently 29.  Coupled up with the love of my life. Homeowner. Book lover. Foodie. Traveler.  Beer. Booze. Wine. Writer. Photographer. Undergraduate degrees in Classical Culture, History and working towards a Master’s in Public Administration.

I currently work for the University of Oklahoma and couldn’t be happier. All thoughts and words on this blog are my own and do not necessary reflect that of my employer

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”

-Sir Ken Robinson


11 thoughts on “Cogito, ergo sum

  1. Hello! Thanks so much for following CavaSupernova. Enjoy the blog – all comments and feedback appreciated 🙂

  2. I grew up in OKC…I go back there every month or so to visit my mom. I’m amazed by how much OKC has grown, how much cooler it’s gotten since my high school days. Restaurants are actually better there than here (Tucson), Mexican excepted. Can’t wait to get my grilled cheese at the Mule.

      1. Isn’t it? I thought, big deal. Grilled cheese. Boy was I wrong. The soup…get the tomato soup. The poutine is also amazing. I go there almost every time I’m in town.

        Another place, it’s in Norman unfortunately: The Bird’s Nest, I believe is the name. Get the pot roast nachos…yeeeeah. Weird. Sounds really gross, right? They were amazing. And they have a very nice scotch list that’s not insanely expensive like Whiskey, if you’re into that.

        But my favorite place in all of OKC is Cookie’s. I’m addicted to the slummy atmosphere and the way you can’t fail to meet everyone after you make an ass of yourself doing karaoke. And you leave smelling like someone smeared an ashtray all over you. I’m actually somewhat of a regular there, even though I don’t even live in town.

      2. I will have to get the soup next time I go there. I actually live in Norman, so I have been to the Bird’s Nest quite a few times. Currently I am replying to this at Gray Owl. I spend a majority of my time here, actually.

        I am indeed a Scotch and Whiskey fan. The prices at Bird’s Nest are actually pretty cheap compared to some of the other places I have tried.

        I have a friend that speaks of Cookie’s religiously. She loves going there and doing karaoke. My favorite bar up in the city is all around the Triangle on Classen. I love Speakeasy and Drunken Fry. Edna’s is okay, when college isn’t in session. Norman has a few dive bars as well, like Joe’s and Cohiba.

      3. AH! Drunken Fry. I want some fries in my mouth now. I took my husband there and he looked around skeptically, but the fries and sauces soon won him over. I love that place.

        I will have to check out the Triangle. I feel like I’ve seen it or heard of it. I usually stay at a friend’s house right there in that area (Nichols Hills…close enough).

        Bird’s Nest prices are incredible. I got to try some scotches I would never be able to afford. That was so nice.

        I went to the Speakeasy once and it was super crowded…I got lost in the maze-like building and thought I’d have a panic attack. But I’d go there again on a slower night. They have a lot of bands play—I believe downstairs?—so I could always hang out upstairs where you can probably hear the music at the right volume.

        Who’s your karaoke friend? I bet my friend, Nichole, knows her.

      4. The Triangle is actually what they call the area where all those bars are. (Edna’s, Drunken Fry, Speakeasy) But yes, the Speakeasy can be very hectic. I prefer it when it is slow and not packed. Usually around 5 pm during the week it is dead. If I can sneak away from work early, I like to go there and meet friends from the city. My karaoke friends name is Korye. She is getting ready to move to Kansas soon to be with her boyfriend.

  3. Oh I thought the Triangle was a separate place I’d never been to! Well, so it’s that vortex then where you always end up on the highway trying to figure out how to get back on NW Expressway? And by that time you’re ten miles out and just screwed?

    Never been to Edna’s though. I have been to the Hilo next to the Drunken Fry, but haven’t been there for the drag show, which I hear is fun stuff. I used to take my mom to the Jimmy’s Egg right there on the corner.

    I just asked my friend if she knows Korye. She’s yet to respond. She’s there all the time and I know she knows a GUY named Corey, (Cory?), but not the same. He works there, I believe.

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