The Genius of the Constitution

Joe Pesci – With Honors

You asked a question sir
Let me answer it.
The genius of the Constitution
Is that it can always be changed.
The genius of the Constitution
Is that it makes no permanent rule
Other than its faith
In the wisdom of ordinary people
to govern themselves.

Faith in the wisdom of the people
Is exactly what makes the constitution
Incomplete and crude.

No sir,
Our founding parents were
Pompous middle aged white farmers.
But they were also great men.
Because they knew one thing
that all great men should know.
That they didn’t know everything.
They knew they were going to make mistakes.
But they made sure to leave a way to correct them.
They didn’t think of themselves as leaders.
They wanted a government of citizens.
Not royalty.
A government of listeners.
Not lecturers.
A government that could change not stand still.
The President isn’t an elected King.
No matter how many bombs he can drop.
Because the crude Constitution doesn’t
Trust him.
He’s a servant of the people.
He’s a Bum.
OK, Mister Pitcannon.
He’s just a bum.
The only bliss that he is searching for is freedom.
And justice.


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