Art Day

Today, we appreciate a local artist living here in the area, who currently has a show at Mainsite Contemporary Art in Norman, Oklahoma.  Mainsite is currently showing, A Softer Storm by Elise Deringer.  You can read a little bit about Elise here.  I enjoy darker colors in pieces of work, but not overtly dark.  I like the contrast of having a piece primarily dark and even the lighter colors selected, can still be dark, but they look lighter compared to the other colors.  Wow, can you tell I do not critique art for a living after that sentence?  The Featured Image you saw that hopefully got your attention is the title piece of the exhibit, “A Softer Storm”.  The piece below was my favorite from the exhibit. It is called, “In the Hour Before Dawn.”  If you happen to be a local who reads my blog, I would recommend going to see this work in person.  If not, I highly suggest going to the sites to view all of her work, not just the most recent.



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