Feature Friday: Down Under in Paris



Today’s featured blog post is about the Paris Metro, with pictures to go with it.  The author behind it, Janice, writes not only on traveling but photography, food and anything that really catches her eyes.  She blogs about the time she spent in Paris, weekends away with the girlfriends and even some late-night baking recipes.  I enjoy that she not only uses words to express her travels but shares pictures of her experiences as well.  With each blog post, she tries and succeeds, at transplanting the reader right in the heart of her post.  Whether that be on the metro in Paris, exploring the heart of London with a few pubs or just hanging out with her best friend and her daughter, you feel as though you are sitting there with her.  The pictures I used are hers.  She has an eye for black and white shots and capturing the soul of her surroundings.  Don’t let her amazing shots without color fool you though, she knows her way around those as well!



She’s the world traveler I hope to be one day, but until that day comes, I will travel vicariously through her.  I suggest if you want some tips on traveling, places to go visit or inspiration from across the globe, go check her out as well.  Oh Sweet Life.


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