Travel Writings: Cabin in the Woods

This is my second installment of travel writing.  This was all written while my girlfriend and I went away to a cabin in Southeast Oklahoma for the weekend.  It was nice to getaway from everything. We were nestled away back deep in the woods without internet and very spotty cell phone reception at best.  We drank wine, relaxed and just communicated with one another.  We found peace in rambling on and on to the other about nothing in particular.  I know I said I would only write these stories while I was gone, then once back not add to it, but with this story, I would like to go a little deeper.  I am not sure when but soon-ish I will post the next writings from this story.  Until then, hopefully this is enough to get you interested.  Warning: I do no editing on Travel Writings so please forgive me for my typos.

It had been a long, trying few months for Sam.  Her love life and career were far from where she wanted them.  She had been out of college for five years and working for Jacobson Publishing for just as long.  In that time, she only found one book to publish and it barely sold 500 copies.  She would have been fired if she had worked for any other agency or hadn’t been dating the presidents nephew.  She had met Tim at work and their romance had been a whirlwind of lust, love and loud screaming.  Tim and Sam’s relationship was not what she wanted.  With their four year anniversary coming up, and having lived together for three, she expected at least marriage to come up from time to time, but Tim refused to even consider it.  “I’m not even 30 yet, I have only published a handful of mediocre books and you haven’t even gotten one.”  Sam just shook her head, “Do you always have to bring that up?”  When she brought him manuscripts she believed were good, he would shoot them down.  There had even been a trilogy, that she had brought him just last month and she believed it would be a best seller.  He refused to even read past the first book.

With year four coming up, Sam knew she would have to plan something.  Tim was rarely romantic anymore.  She had found these gorgeous cabins around a state park and had booked one for a week.  She thought they could go and relax.  Get away from work and the stress of real life and just re-focus on each other.  She knew they could get back to that couple they use to be, if only he would open back up to her.  She wanted to surprise Tim though, so she decided to go to his boss and get him the time off he would need.  That was when her world came crashing down, “Wait, he found a book to publish?”  Tim’s boss, Ralph looked surprised, “Oh, Sam I am sorry.  I thought he would have told you.  He found a trilogy.”  Her stomach dropped, “We all thought he was crazy when he pitched it, what does Tim know about a young adult series?”  She went from surprised to just pissed off.  Ralph kept gushing about the series, “I don’t want to jinks it Sam, but we think he may have found the next Rowling.  We wanted to bring in some more experienced editors with the genre, but she wouldn’t have it.  After the author met Tim, she only wanted to work with him.” Sam couldn’t even think straight, she just smiled and thanked Ralph, walking out the door.

That night at home, she decided to tell Tim about the trip and confront him about the new book he was going to publish.  Tim seemed uneasy the moment he walked in the door and realized Sam had already downed three quarters of a bottle of wine.  As soon as she mentioned talking to Ralph, he knew he had to tell her.  “Look honey, it isn’t that really big of a deal.  I know you wouldn’t have been able to close her, so I decided to take her for you,” Tim spoke quickly while setting the table.  “But young adult isn’t your genre, its mine,” Sam said, obviously pissed.  He sighed, and knew the next words would hurt her, “You’re not a good editor okay.  You would have been fired a long time ago if it wasn’t for me.”  Sam could not believe what he was saying.  “You could never market it the way it would need to, or have her make the changes she would need to make in the end.”  Sam was livid, “how could you do this to me?! I could have gotten help, brought in a second editor or we could have even published it together.  Instead you decided to take it from me.”  Tim just poured himself a drink, a vodka straight up, “You would have found a way to screw it up, you always do or lose the client.”  Sam did not say a word, she couldn’t find the words.  She finished her drink and walked up stairs.  She quickly packed a couple bags and left.  

The next day, she made her way to the office first thing, packed up her boxes and headed to Ralph’s office and told him everything.  They worked out a very nice deal.  Sam wouldn’t bring this up to anyone ever again, would let the company keep the trilogy and all she asked for was the clients that sent their books directly to her and a decent severance deal.  Sam hadn’t worked or even opened a manuscript since she left the office even though they kept pilling up.  She wasn’t sure why people kept sending them directly to her, but the office kept forwarding them on to her.  She tried from time to time to pick one up, but never had the desire to finish one.  One morning after she had finally pulled herself out of bed, the phone rang.  “Yes, I am looking for Samantha Winters, to confirm her stay this next week in our cabin,” a woman on the other end said.  With everything that happened, Sam had forgotten to cancel the cabin.  She thought about not going, but figured she would lose her deposit, so she might as well go.  “Yes, I guess you will be seeing me next week.  Thank you for the reminder.”  She could at least get some work done there alone and maybe knock out some of the manuscripts that kept piling up.  The cabin didn’t allow kids and the closest town was about an hour away, so she would not have much else to do.  She stopped at the store on the way and picked up some food and booze to last the week and setoff for the cabin in the woods, alone.

When she arrived, Sam was met by an adorable elderly couple who showed her to her cabin.  “So, your boyfriend will be joining you later,” the little old lady asked.  Sam just half smiled, and the older couple never brought him up again.  The cabin was beautiful and quaint on the inside with a balcony view to die for.  A creek below the balcony overlooking the mountains and even a hot tub right there on the balcony.  She had a fully stocked kitchen and thanks to her stop at the store, enough food and booze to keep her one happy woman for the week.  She realized once she finished unloading that she may have bought more booze than she needed considering she could have kept an Australian rugby team knocked out for an entire weekend.  She poured herself some wine, sat on the balcony overlooking a beautiful autumn sunset and picked up the top manuscript in the box next to her.  The first one was called, “Paradise Envisioned.”  She read and enjoyed it until around page three when the robots controlled by the Nazis that had been frozen in the 1940’s had been unthawed.  Sam tossed it aside and started on the next, “Purified Choice.”  Once again, she dropped it as quickly as she picked it up.  She could not understand the fascination with robots, but one that came back as the second coming of Christ was a little too much.

She picked up the wine bottle on the table next to her, tipping it up, and pouring the last drops of bottle number one into her glass.  She quickly downed the remaining contents of her glass and made her way back into the cabins kitchen so she would open her second bottle and get dinner started.  The oven timer went off the same time the cork made the popping sound of a freshly opened bottle of wine. Sam started the casserole and sat back on the couch, turning the television on. She scanned the local channels and saw nothing but news, so decided to go check out some of the cable channels. A show on the food network caught her eye, but something was wrong. The television kept saying searching for signal. As she went from one channel to another, she quickly realized that none of them were working. She had time to kill, so decided to walk to the main lodge were the owners resided full time.

As she made her way through the area, she took notice of just how many cabins were around. She saw a car or two parked out front of most cabins, with only a couple not being occupied. As Sam walked, she thought to herself about the location of the land. To the South and West, a beautiful stream ran down in the canyon. The east, a major highway and to the north, a single road that curved up and around countless hills surrounded by trees for several miles until you reached a small town, Augustus. As Sam walked in the lodge, she heard the little bell ding and Rhonda, one half of the adorable elderly couple made her way from the kitchen. “Yes Sam, what can I do for you?” Rhonda asked sipping some sweet tea. “Well, I was just wondering what was going on with the cable? Local channels seem to be working just fine, but I keep getting nada on anything else.” The woman sat her tea down and began apologizing, “I am so sorry Sam, we had a storm come through recently, and knocked out all the cable but those local channels. We have some movies here if you’d like to borrow those.” Sam thanked Rhonda for her time and began to make her way back to the cabin. Before she could get out of the door, Rhonda stopped her. “One thing, before I forget, in a couple of days they are going to start the celebration in Augustus. City is turning quarter of a millennia old. Should be a good time.” Sam smiled and thanked her, walking out the door and down the porch making her way back to her cabin.

As Sam walked into her room she could not help but notice the smell. She loved cooking and remembered all the nights she would get home from work and cook up these grand elaborate meals for Tim and herself, only for him to walk in with a bag of take out.


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