Art Day: Drew Merritt


On a recent trip to Houston, I had the pleasure of staying with one of my old college friends.  He had recently juggled around his housing situation and now had a roommate who worked as a lawyer in Houston.  My friend is renting a room from him, in this gorgeous three story town home.  The art on this mans house was breathtaking and all by the same gentleman, Drew Merritt.  The lawyer had the pleasure of coming across this artist while he was just breaking into the art scene, purchasing a rather large piece fairly cheap.  The last piece he purchased however, he was not as lucky.  “The Expensive Kiss” as it is called, is pure realism on canvas.  The picture will not do justice being able to place your eyes mere inches from the piece, trying to take it all in.  At first glance, you swear it is a very large photograph.  But the more you stare at it, you are quickly taken aback by the images of brush strokes and carefully selected color palettes.  The way he blends his colors together, makes the piece jump off the canvas at you.  If you’ve got the pockets, I would highly recommend picking up a piece on Drew’s website.


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