Wednesday Words

I am in Love with High Far Loving Places by Arthur Davison Ficke

I am in love with high far-seeing places

That look on plains half-sunlight and half-storm,— 

In love with hours when from the circling faces

Veils pass, and laughing fellowship glows warm.

You who look on me with grave eyes where rapture 

And April love of living burn confessed,—

The Gods are good! The world lies free to capture!

Life has no walls. O take me to your breast!

Take me,—be with me for a moment’s span!—

I am in love with all unveilèd faces. 10

I seek the wonder at the heart of man;

I would go up to the far-seeing places.

While youth is ours, turn toward me for a space

The marvel of your rapture-lighted face!


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