Art Day: Morse Code


While I was a student at the University of Oklahoma, I had the great pleasure to hear David Mccullough speak a couple of times on the Founding Fathers and other revolutionary topics.  I have also read multiple books by him, including 1776, John Adams, The Great Bridge and my favorite thus far, The Greater Journey.  Here is a quote of the New York Times Review of Mccullough’s The Greater Journey:  Mr. McCullough’s account of how Morse, who would become best known for his telegraph and code, painted his monumental “Gallery of the Louvre” (1831-33) is absolutely worth the full chapter that it occupies in “The Greater Journey.”  

Today’s piece of Art, is “Gallery of the Louvre” by Samuel Morse.  In the painting, are many of the great works kept in the Louvre at the time Morse was there.  The figures in the painting include James Fenimore Cooper with wife and daughter. Morse is in the center, standing behind an art student, believed to be Cooper’s daughter whom it was rumored Morse cared for as more than a friend.  Here is an interesting NPR story on the painting.


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