Feature Friday: Mythologie and a Lost City

Incase you missed it, I have begun blogging again.  I decided to come up with themes to keep to on certain days.  Monday is art, while Tuesday is music and Wednesday is writing.  I took Thursday off, to scour the depths of WordPress and those blogs I follow, even a few I do not and have decided that Fridays will be known as Feature Friday.  I will showcase one blog I really connect to each Friday.  I searched tags such as Revolution, Love, Words, and History.  However, it was the tag of Mythology that brought me to a blog I knew I had to immediately start following.  While I was in college, I took many ancient history classes, but none more important as Mythology.  I loved to read about the old gods, the old stories.  The word mythology comes from the French mythologie which derives its origins from the Ancient Greek, Muthos, which means myth and -logia, which is, denoting a subject of study or interest.  So, basically mythology is defined as the study of myth, any myth.  But for most, mythology and the gods of Rome and Greece come to mind first.  La Audacia de Aquiles is the blog I speak of, or The Audacity of Achilles.  Just doing a quick glance of her site, I see posts on The Judgement of Paris, Ovid, and even Nietzsche comparing different Greek lifestyles via Apollo and Dionysus.  But her latest post is the one that caught my eye: The Lost City of Atlantis.  She seems to have a love of all things Ancient Myth.  But I also notice she has quite a few posts commenting on Existentialism.  Sadly, I only have one class of French Existentialism under my belt, but have been intrigued by it ever since.  I hope to be able to indulge my wants by looking over many of the older posts made by Aquileana.  There are multiple languages all over the blog, so it can get a little difficult to navigate, but under the picture of the writer, there is a drop down of all the different categories of post that seem to be simple enough to pick through.  Eventually I would like to incorporate a Q&A with the authors of these blogs, but since I decided last minute to do this, I can only describe the blog from my point of view, and hope I have enticed you enough to go check it out.


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