Let’s try this again…

Well, hello there. Remember me? I am that guy who said he would make a post for every day for a year. I made it 84 days, pretty good I would say. Except I fell off the face of the earth pretty much after those days. I wanted to stop focus on quantity and get back to quality writing. Instead I decided none of my writing was up to snuff, and the delete button became my best friend. Over the past couple months, I have gone through some changes, realizations in my personal life. I lost love, found new friends and reclaimed a part of myself I thought was forever lost. There were moments where I wanted life to just stop, give me a break and let me get back on my feet. But it seemed like every time I felt like I was getting back up, something new came along and knocked me back down. Life tends to do that on a regular basis though, so after a couple months of screaming, “Oh poor me, why me!” I have decided to suck it up, and just move on. That is not to say I want to forget the past two months. I have learned a lot about myself. About how I react to certain situations and that I react negatively more often than not. I cannot promise daily posts, but weekly, yes I can do. I want to share my writing more, even though I have always been a heavy believer of taking my time, editing a few dozen times, then letting one friend read it, basically re-write it, then never show it to anyone again…

Let the new writer emerge and stay around for some time. Short stories, long stories, chapters, and maybe even poetry. Okay, who am I kidding, poetry will never be my cup of tea, but I can at lease appreciate some good poetry. I am preparing for a trip to Houston for the weekend, to catch up with a college friend and his family. I think while there, I will try to write a short story revolving around catching up with old friends, but from the point of view of a woman. Most of my characters have always been male, so this could be something new and exciting.


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