Wednesday Words: The Spoken Kind

Today’s Wednesday Words is more than just words, I decided to post a video of my favorite spoken word poet, Sarah Kay.  In this video she performs with Phil Kaye, no relation at all. Advertisements

Art Monday

Today’s art is an artist I stumbled upon via Instagram.  Her name is Rachel Reinert and the piece I selected is Viridian (#2).  You can check out more of her work here.

Feature Friday: Academia eBay

Today’s Friday, which means three things.  First, it is the weekend.  Second, I get to take my girlfriend to a cabin in the mountains.  Finally, its feature Friday!  Today’s featured blog post is about buying from eBay for use in Academics, from In Art & Song.  The blog post I decided to feature today, is eBay: The…

Wednesday Words

I am in Love with High Far Loving Places by Arthur Davison Ficke I am in love with high far-seeing places That look on plains half-sunlight and half-storm,—  In love with hours when from the circling faces Veils pass, and laughing fellowship glows warm. You who look on me with grave eyes where rapture  And April love…

Art Day: Morse Code

While I was a student at the University of Oklahoma, I had the great pleasure to hear David Mccullough speak a couple of times on the Founding Fathers and other revolutionary topics.  I have also read multiple books by him, including 1776, John Adams, The Great Bridge and my favorite thus far, The Greater Journey.…