Where did this brick wall come from?

Words, words have not flown very easily this past month.  Words have not come through inspiration.  Words have not come through talking, walking, or running.  Words have just not come.  I wanted this first post to be something more than just words.  I wanted this post to be meaningful, and insightful. I wanted this post to have life.  Life has its way of coming up when you least expect it to, and throwing a brick wall in your path.  Some of those brick walls can be challenging in a good way.  Going to college, finding love, graduating college, and inevitably finding a job after college.  Other times, those brick walls can challenge us in a different way.  Dealing with a tragedy, losing a loved one, heartbreak, and losing yourself to the world around you.  All of these brick walls are placed there, whether you want them or not.  Some decide to go around, others try to sink low enough to go under, hell some even try to barrel straight through. They decide to either run away from the wall, leaving it in the road, or knock themselves down, by acting to quickly.  Unless you are the Hulk, or Superman I am pretty sure that brick wall is going to make you its bitch if you try going about it this way.  But other times, people find out something about themselves.  They find out that they are smarter than they thought, by building a way to get to the top of that brick wall.  Other times, they find out just how strong they are.  They dig their heels in, and they push back.  They push back so hard, that the wall comes crashing down.  Sometimes, people find out that it is okay to rely on other people, people who are already over the wall.  They throw a rope back over, and help pull them over.  No matter what though, they conquered the wall, they conquered what was put before them.  Whether by themselves, or with help, it was their brick wall to overcome, and they did.  They didn’t run away or run around.  They made the brick wall their bitch, and moved on with life and on to the next brick wall. There will always be a brick wall on the path, how will you face it?


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
― Robert Frost


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