Day 70: Place me in Paris

March 11: Ghostwriter
If you could have any author- living or dead- write your biography, who would you choose?

When I first started thinking about this, I was leaning heavily towards Hemingway or Fitzgerald, F. Scott, not his wife. Hemingway because of his way to express raw emotion in its simplest forms. Or Fitzgerald with his way to portray an outsider in over his head. Then I thought about someone like Tolkien or Lewis because they could tell my life story through an intricate, creative story. But I love history, and consider myself an amateur historian, so why not an author like McCullough who could make the building of the Brooklyn Bridge or Americans traveling in Paris so interesting once I picked up his work I could not put it down. But then, I finally decided on a different type of historian, Gore Vidal. There is just something about the way he writes, the words he chooses that spark my attention. I am currently working my way through part one of his memoirs and I can honestly say, if my life could be written like this, I would be happy. The way he seems to tell his own story without holding back shows something to me about his character as a writer.


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