Day 65: Being an adult sucks

March 6: All grown up
When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

Nothing makes you feel like an adult like bills. Cell phone bills, credit card bills, rent and all the other bills that come with renting a house. Going back to when I wasn’t an adult my only worry was getting to school on time and not skipping my fourth hour leadership class before lunch. I really wouldn’t mind going back to that time, but then again, I really enjoy where I am at in my life. Good job, good girlfriend and good friends. Sure, I still have adult responsibilities, but the good kind of out weigh the bad. I have felt like an adult for close to 7 years now. Have there been a few times were I still acted like a kid? Of course, but I live and learn from those mistakes and continue to grow as a person. That is all anyone can do, right?


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