Day 62: Onward to Tartarus

March 3: No, thanks
Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?


If I am being honest, there is no place in the world I would not want to visit. Sure, there are a few places at this current moment I would rather avoid such as, Venezuela or Ukraine. But does that mean I would never want to see these countries? Absolutely not, I just would not care to be there right now, with all of the riots and chaos erupting at the drop of a hat. I would want to visit when I can enjoy the true beauty of each country. But what about Third-World countries? The countries that do not have running water or even clean water? Those countries I think have something different to offer. Not the best coffee or wine in the world. Not the best attractions in Europe or Asia, but something more meaningful. Those countries can help show just how lucky we are to have what we do have. Coming from America, I know for certain I take some things for granted. I try my best to not, but until I am put in a situation where I see someone not having something I take for granted, it really does not hit home. Running water, heat in the winter or air in the summer, a car or even a solid roof over my head and a job. These are all things that I am blessed to have on a daily basis, yet I know around the world and even in my own country not everyone is as lucky as I am. I want to see those less fortunate, I want to help them. I want to change my perspective and realize that even on my worst days, there are others out there who have it worse.

Now, if I am really being honest the only place I would ever hesitate to go would be Tartarus, if you consider it apart of this world, like I do. Tartarus, the Underworld or Hell, whatever you want to call it has been prominent in literature since the days of Homer and Hercules. Heroes would be called there, take their κατάβασις into the depths of Hell. Follow the link for more on κατάβασις. Not knowing if you will return to the land of living can be a great deterrent on traveling there. But the challenges you would face, would be a true test to your character as a hero. We all would like to believe that deep down we posses those qualities that make us special, makes us stand out from the rest. But until we are put in a situation that tests those qualities, we never truly know. Traveling down into the Underworld would most likely tests all those qualities and push them to their limits. I know it would push me to mine, which would scare me, but also challenge me to be the absolute best I could be. Another reason I would want to test my luck scouring the depths of Hell, all those souls already down there. The chance to speak with Achilles or Odysseus. Ask Augustus questions about how it felt to resurrect the greatest city of all time, or speak with Alaric on what it was like to sack and destroy that same city four centuries later. Da Vinci, Washington, Lincoln, the list could go on and on with great minds and thinkers I could speak with. Would you be willing to risk your life for that opportunity? It would be a difficult decision, and I know my family members and friends around me might not understand my decision to risk my life for a walk through Hell, but if I had the opportunity, I do not think I could turn it down.


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