Day 61: Where is the sand?

March 2: Places
Beach, mountains, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

It would be nice to have a change of scenery. Not that I do not love Oklahoma, because I do. It would just be good to see a different view from time to time. With vacation just around the corner, I will be getting my chance. The skyline of New York City or the view of the sunset casting its rays on the Brooklyn Bridge. The view of home plate from on top of the Green Monster in Fenway Park. I am going to New York City for four days, and Boston for four. Not going it alone though, I will have my girlfriend by my side. She has been to New York City before, so it will be like I have my own personal sexy tour guide to show me around the city. But the good thing about New York City, is that it is so big, there is still so much of the city she has not seen, we still have plenty of options to get lost together. That is what I am most looking forward to with this vacation. The getting lost and making memories. Sure, we will probably yell at each other once or twice, but at the end of the day this vacation will be a great getaway for us both. Neither of us have ever been to Boston, so I have a feeling that we will be getting lost there quite a few times. And I have already made peace with that idea. I am okay with getting lost. Getting lost is half the fun. You cannot really find yourself until you get lost once or twice.


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