Day 60: Paging Marty McFly

March 1: Back to the future
A service has been invented through which you can send messages to people in the future. To whom would you send something, and what would you write?

What could I say to someone in the future that they most likely have not already learned? I would write something to my kids, assuming I had some. Or my wife, also assuming I ever get one. I would tell them I tried the best I could, and I hope I wasn’t a failure in their eyes. Letting them know they were my whole world even when I was upset at them for something. That even when they screwed up or disappointed me, I still loved them. I would always love them, and ask them if by now there was something invented to write letters to the past so they could maybe tell me about themselves. I would ask them to make sure they studied their history, our history. That they should always keep a good book around, no matter the new technology trends. That they should always remember where they came from, no matter how famous they become. And that even if they never gain fame or fortune, they can still change the world, or change their city, or even change the life of one individual. I would tell them to make their life matter, and do something they love. It does not matter if they never become rich off of what they do, they should just enjoy it. They should look forward to going into work each day. I would write to my children or wife and tell them to just be sure they find happiness somewhere, somehow. Smiling and being happy can make even the worst of lives not seem so bad.


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