Day 56: Cliché me, if you please.

February 25: Cliché
Clichés becomes clichés for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush for you.

Why must I feel as though these posts keep stifling my writing. They are forcing me to write, but when I think about the prompts, nothing comes to mind. I try, I think, and yet… NADA. At least nothing when it comes to pouring out over insightful posts for this blog. My other project however, seems to be flowing with an ease I never knew possible. I feel though, that since that is flourishing, this blog is on the verge of dying. I need to find a new refocusing of where I want this blog to go. I recently started following a new blog, and today she made this post. It puts perfectly why I blog. On top of putting into words what I am currently doing with my life, sometimes in too much detail, I want this blog to be more. I want it to put into words my thoughts, my opinions. I want it to encompass every aspect of my life at this very moment. From my emotions, to what I cooked for dinner last weekend. Chicken Alfredo, in case you were curious, it was delicious.
So, when was the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush for me? Right now, actually, involving my writing. I use to talk about all the great writing I would accomplish one day, but was too afraid to actually start. And now, I write. It may not be the best work ever, or even my best work, but I am no longer saying, “I can start tomorrow.” I am starting now, I have already started. I have taken the future of my writing into my own hands and decided, “Why not now.” As I was watching a show recently, one of the main characters said, “People like me don’t write books, we are written about.” When I first heard him say this, I thought, I wish I could write characters like that. But then I thought, “I can, if I ever just sat down and wrote something. Anything.” And now, words are flowing and ideas are coming clear, and in my other project, characters are developing. No judgement, but the character I speak of was Chuck Bass, from Gossip Girl. Okay fine, judge me, I judge myself every time I watch the show, but hey, we all have our guilty pleasures, right? While I have yet to write a character as devious, complex and so willing to go after his desire, not caring about anyone else around him, I have started to emulate him. Only in certain aspects, though. I am not as good as manipulation as him. But because I have stopped saying, “One day,” and started taking action, I am putting myself in a much better situation when it comes to my writing. Thinking about writing alone, is no way to improve my writing. Actually writing, now there is how I can truly improve my writing skills and better perfect my writing voice. If I write enough, maybe one day I can even find my writing voice.


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