Day 54: My latest album adventure

February 23: B+
Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

The first few tracks, not very memorable, so much so that I have already forgot it. Sure, it can take up time and fill in a gap when you have nothing better to do. But most should be able to find something better to do than listen to those first tracks. The next track, perfect for a long drive to the middle of nowhere. Maybe listen to is while you drive out to a lake. Speaking of lakes, the next couple tracks are pure breathless beauty. A very naturist feel to the sound that takes the listeners on a hike around a lake. The crisp, warm weather surrounding you as you walk along the trails with friends. Coming out of some trails being able to walk along the beach of the lake. A beautiful lake, with house boats around the shore. The next track, reminded me of a Mexican restaurant. Not that of a taco bell, or taco bueno, but an authentic Mexican restaurant. The two tracks that followed brought back memories of high school. A nostalgic country music sound that relived first loves. Sounds of a fresh, new sound musically that just jumped out. A much younger sound than the rest of the tracks, but a sound of promise, of reaching for that dream, no matter how far out of reach it seemed. The following track was a slow, sensuous song that brought back to memory the touch of a lover. Soft, delicate yet powerful and rough, built around love, a love that never ends. The feeling you get after waking up after a night of passion and lust and love, curled up next to the person you could not imagine ever waking up without. The final two tracks go a completely different route. The remind me of sitting in a hipster coffee shop, over hearing conversations drinking tea and writing. Mellow, yet up beat and of course hipstery. Overall the album was a good listen. It had its songs that will get lost into the wayside but it really was able to capture my attention and imagination. While it started out non memorable it finished strong.


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