Day 53: Foodie for words

February 22: Seconds
Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail.

The point of a prompt is to help a writer get his creative juices flowing. It gives the writer a spring board of an idea on what to write. But what happens when a prompt does not get a writers creative juices flowing. What happens if it does the exact opposite and instead the writer is not able to put on word toward the prompt. Sadly, that is what this prompt has done to me. It is like a brick wall blocking anything and everything creative from flowing. I sat and stared at the prompt and my computer for a solid 2 hours. I did not even get one word to come out. I love food, and I have eaten some great food before. But writing about my food and how satisfying it was was not working. Hey, it did get me to eventually start writing though, just nothing related to the prompt. Surprisingly though, my other writing is coming along better that I expected. I want to get a couple more chapters and let more of the story unfold before I let anyone read it. I write and write and write for that, and I feel this blog is reflecting that because I have not been putting forth the effort I should on these prompts. I have to say I am surprised I have even managed to post this long. A little over 300 more days and I will have completed a post for each day of the year. Baby steps, right?


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