Day 51: Lets build a castle!

February 20: A plot of earth
You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Where is this plot of land? Is it far from civilization or in the heart of a major city? I vote in a decent sized college town like the one I live in now. Quiet during the summer months, yet somewhat booming during the school year. I would want the land to be around the Main Street of the city, if not on Main Street itself. But what to put on this plot… A bar? A cafe? Maybe a bookstore? I do not suppose I could have all three? Build a two story building with a basement and rooftop terrace. The first floor, a cafe for live music, good baked goods and great conversation. Second floor, a bookstore with all different sorts of books. People from the cafe and bookstore can use the rooftop terrace. Live music can play there as well. The basement, well that would be the private, invite only speak easy. Or fight club, but if it was fight club, we could not be talking about it right now.


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