Day 49: yo͞oˈnēk

February 18: Far from normal
Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

1. Books: Even though I work in the technology field and love using the newest gadgets and toys, nothing beats a night in with a good book. No, not a kindle. While I do own one and use it from time to time, I am talking about an honest to god book. Hardback, paperback it does not matter. The smell of an old book, the feel of turning each page. Just a book to read and maybe some wine to drink. Now that is my kind of night.

2. Music: They say every fad goes away only to come back a couple decades later. From the side ponytail to bell bottom jeans and even to how people listen to their music. MP3 is all the rage these days, or was I should say. A surprisingly number of people are reliving the glory days of music through vinyl. Who am I to disagree? If I buy music these days, it is only on vinyl. Classic music, even some new music on occasion. There is something about listening to the White Album and not being able to skip around, or any album for that matter. Once upon a time artists carefully selected the track order for a reason, and it was not just so you could press the skip button. Albums flowed and took the listeners on a musical journey and I love a good trip.

3. TV Shows: Most people indulge themselves in certain tv shows. They might even binge watch and go through an entire series rather quickly. For me, it is a little different. I do enjoy watching a tv show from start to finish, or at least catch up to the most recent episodes. However I have a rather strange quirk about myself when I do so. Once I start a show, I have to finish it before I can start another show. I cannot start from the most recent season, no matter how many times I have watched older episodes. I go back to the pilot and start from there. Luckily I have gotten better recently at being able to watch multiple shows without watching the entire series. I have been able to pick up on the most recent season instead of going back and starting from the beginning. But it is still a work in progress.

4. Clothes: I love dressing up and no not like costume dress up. Like suit and tie dress up. I love wearing slacks and a nice button down shirt with a tie, or maybe even a suit. Sure, I can lounge in sweats and a tee, actually that is what I am wearing right now. But when I go to work, I enjoy looking my best. Even when I was just a student worker, I enjoyed rockin the dress pants and collar shirt. If it was not so expensive and the weather not god awful in the summer I would wear suits every day of the year. I am slowly working all regular shirts out of my wardrobe. I am sure there will always be at least a handful of them, but currently I have only two pairs of jeans and three pairs of shorts. When the temperature heats up though, I still wear slacks and a button up to work. Give me a wardrobe from the roaring twenties and I could rock it all the time.

Well, four out of six is not so bad, right? Because that is all I got folks, no more oddities, strange habits or weird ticks. I would like to say I am more unique than this, but I got nothing. Sure, more things will most likely come to me a week or two after this post, but at the moment, that is it. A few interesting things that make me, well me! Any of my followers care to share one unique fact about themselves?


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