Day 47: That damned old clock

February 16: The clock
Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.” I decided to change the “I” to “He” for the purpose of the story.

From the start of the evening nothing had gone the way he had planned. Every first date mistake that could be made, he was making. He knew it was not looking good when he got a flat on the way and wound up arriving fifteen minutes late. From there, he thought it could only get better. Oh boy was he wrong. Spilt water on her white dress, calling her the wrong name because he was so nervous and having her ex-boyfriend walk up and talk to them. She never mentioned she dated one of the football players. Football was everything at this university and she had dated the all-american wide reciever. He contemplated going to the bathroom and just never coming back. But she had agrreed to this date, out of all the offers she must get on a weekly basis, she said yes to him. Even if he was a wreck and comppletely screwing up he would never get another chance like this again. He was spending a full paycheck on this dinner but she was worth it. Smart, beautiful and kind. Everything any man would be lucky to have, and if for only one night he would be that lucky man. She was getting annoyed at the lack of conversation on his part but she politely tried to ease him into talking about things he enjoyed. He tried keep himself from geeking out on Elvish or hobbit talk. He knew she would never be interested in anything like that. She was too beautiful to be into Tolkien. Luckily the date was coming to an end and he barely had enough to cover the check. The car ride back to her place was silent and he knew there would be no second date. He pulled up and quickly got out and tried to get around to open her door but ended up hitting her in the head with the door as she tried to get out. She gave him a look that told him his dating life would be over from this point on and then she punched him in the face. He fell out of bed from the punch. It was eight in the morning, the day of the date. It had all been a dream he thought, and he still had a chance to redeem himself. He called and cancelled the dinner reservations. Instead he decided to take her to this local diner just around the corner from his favorite cafe. A light dinner then coffee or tea or whatever she would drink and conversation. Since the dream had been a failure and he could barely talk because he did not want to geek out on her, he decided to just be honest with her, and talk about things he enjoyed. Sure, he probably would not get a second date, but it would be because they had nothing in common, not because he just seemed like a shutin that never made it out of the house and had interactions with real people. He also checked his tire to make sure it wasn’t flat. He arrived on time and the date, well he heard the car door slam, and immedately looked at the clock. It read 8:52 AM. He felt lips on his check and he looked down. They had gone back to her place after the coffee shop closed down and continued talking. Much to his surprise they had much in common. So much in fact that she had fallen asleep mid-sentece in his arms while they were talking. He tried to get up without waking her but instead she just grabbed him tighter and told him to stay.


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