Day 46: Hubris

February 15: Proud
When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

I do not count small accomplishments. My girlfriend says she is proud of me on a weekly basis for something small, whether it be related to this blog, a project at work or just because I am an awesome boyfriend. The last time people told me they were proud of me and I felt as though it was deserving was around July of last year. I had graduated two months prior and was still working as a student worker but that should would quickly be expiring for me come the new school semester. I had a couple interviews for positions on campus and one held promise. The multiple interviews I went through for that position seemed tedious and far too long. It seemed as though I was meeting everyone involved in Technology on campus and was being interviewed by them all. But it was all worth it when I received the email telling me I had gotten the position and would be starting at the end of July. I had a job that required a college degree. Albeit, my degree being in History had nothing to do with computers, but luckily that did not matter, the job was mine anyway. A job with benefits and paid vacation. Just the thought of that made me swell up with pride. I had gone all of my college career without a vacation. Sure I had the occasional weekend trip away. Maybe out of state once a year, mostly to Dallas. I could never afford to miss work and pay for a vacation so I never went. When spring break would come around and most college students were excited about going off to the beach or somewhere else, I was excited I could put in more hours and would have a bigger paycheck in the coming weeks. Now, however I am able to plan vacations and not worry. I have my first big one coming up this spring break as the girlfriend and I are heading to NYC and Boston for nine days. I am beyond excited. So the last time someone said they were proud of me would be when I got my first post college job.


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