Day 44: Why didn’t I…

February 13: Shoulda, woulda, coulda
Tell us about something you know you should do… but don’t.

Edit? Revise? Check for grammar errors? There are so many things I should do more of when I write, but I do not. I have started giving my posts a once over before I publish but I should really do more. I need to review my old grammar lessons I know that much. I was going to make this post about the gym, but then I realized I do work out a couple times a week, I just do it at home and not at a gym. Once the weather gets nice I will start running again, and that will help me get back into shape quicker. My writing I am afraid, will stay out of shape for a while. My lack of grammar knowledge is actually kind of pathetic most days. I feel as though I would need to go back and learn from the beginning. I just do not seem to have the patience. I enjoy writing and reading, just not reading about how to write properly. I should take more care in editing my work, this I know. But editing takes time, precious time I would rather spend writing. But at the end of the day, if you do not edit your work are you really worthy of the title “writer?” I do not think so, meaning one day I will need to start doing more editing on my work and making them a completely finished piece of work.


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