Day 43: Remember Your Mortality

February 12: All about you
Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

I decided on the title of this blog because I have “Memento Mori” tattooed on one of my arms. If it is good enough to put on my skin, I feel as though it is good enough to call my blog the same. I added the ink shortly after my uncle unexpectedly passed away. I had known for a while I wanted to get a tattoo, I was just uncertain about what I could still look at when I am ninety and be proud to have on my skin. I currently have three tattoos but would like more. The idea of “Memento Mori” appealed to me for multiple reasons, the main two being its historical significance and its translation. Translated it means “Remember your mortality.” I wanted something that reminded me on a daily basis to live each day like its last. I wanted something that stood out and was not cliche. Throw in the historical connection and I was sold. In ancient Roman times it was believed that when a triumphing general was given a procession through the streets of Rome he needed to be reminded of his mortality. For a day, they were painted up, treated like more than a man. They were treated like a God. But to make sure it did not go to their head, on their chariot throughout the parade is a slave. This slave would be whispering into their ear “Memento Mori.” They would want the general to remember that they are human and not truly a god. Same carries over into the modern world. Each day must be lived to the fullest. I have stuck with the Latin theme for my other tattoos. Maybe one of them will find their ways into another post this year.


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