Guilty Pleasures

Currently, I am home alone on a Friday night. With beer in my hand, Boston Terrier curled up next to me and laptop on my lap, I write. When I am in the mood to write I cannot do it in total silence. Whether music plays in the background or the television I must have sound. Usually, one or two shows of late. Both my guilty pleasures, yet both carry a similarity that I only recently caught, a writer. A young male character that develops over time stepping out of his comfort zone into a world he is unfamiliar with, for a girl. Both go on to write books that become best sellers based writing about their lives. One struggles with the chapter that reveals his most personal moments from high school. The other, struggles with finding his voice and when he does, he partially betrays all those he cares for. And the girl, the girl that never realized just how crucial a role she played in the lives of the ones around her she cared for. Any ideas yet what shows I am talking about? One on the upper east side, the other a small town in North Carolina. The TV shows are far from the best, but they have decent character development but both went on past their prime. One for three or four seasons too many, the other just on the cusp of over doneness. This is how I cure writers block, with a few guilty pleasures and beer.


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