Day 36: Hey, I just met you…

February 5: Call me, maybe
Describe your relationship with your phone. It is your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

If you have seen my Cogito, ergo sum page, you will quickly see I work in Technology. Working in and around computers daily my phone is the one sure fire way to get in contact with me. It never leaves my side and would definitely be considered my lifeline at the office. It also can be a massive nuisance since the phone is always with me, people always expect my quickest attention.

Outside of the office, I try to always keep my phone beside me, but I am not always the quickest to respond. I may see the message, but do not feel the need to be available on a moments notice. Some days I respond quicker than others and other days I rarely want to pick up my phone. How much phone usage I get outside of work depends on if I am with someone or alone. If I am surrounded by friends or even one friend, I try to stay off of my phone as much as possible. I always keep my phone next to me though, in case of an emergency, but I rarely respond unless urgent.

My phone may always be with me, but I am not necessarily always available.


One thought on “Day 36: Hey, I just met you…

  1. THANK YOU! Sorry, the expectation that people respond to texts right the hell now irritates me to no end. Like you, I try to stay off the phone if I’m in the company of someone else, but sometimes I wonder why I even bother. Friends are constantly texting when we grab a cup of coffee. My MOM facebooks at the dinner table in a restaurant. I realize that social norms are flexible, but really, some stuff can wait. Yeah, I have strong feelings about this.

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