Day 33: Adopt

February 2: Think global, act local
“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

I do not use statistics, I use words, but to back up this post, numbers are required, read them here.

From as young as I can remember, my parents have been honest with me about where I came from. I did not come from them, but from a small town, Garden City in Kansas. From a young woman that was barely 16 years old, who thought her only option was abortion. Luckily for me, someone gave her another option, adoption. My aunt, my fathers sister knew his brother and sister in law could no longer have children. My mothers doctor really messed her up after my older brother was born. But even though they could not physically bore a child, they still wanted another, more than anything. So when this young, frail and frightened little girl came into where my aunt worked, my aunt took a chance that could have cost her job. She saw how scared this girl was but also how she felt like having an abortion was the wrong decision and she would regret it forever. My aunt decided to pull her aside and talk to her, not as a nurse, but as a caring friend. Asking her why she was here, what led to her feeling as though this was her only option and why her parents had not offered to help. After it was all said and done, my aunt shocked this young woman and told her, “Come home with me, live with me and let my Brother and his wife adopt this child.” And there it was, I was saved. More than that, I was given a second chance at a life I should not have had. Of course there was more to it than that, paperwork, interviews and money, a lot of money. Adoptions are far from cheap, see this link. They decided it was worth it though, I was worth it.

Since I found out I was adopted I knew I would one day adopt. I would take something someone either did not want or knew would have a better life with someone else. I believe my birth mother wanted to keep me, but knew I would be better off with this new family, and she was right. Three years ago, I adopted for the first time. No not a child, but a puppy. A puppy a friend had taken and realized he did not have the means nor the time to take care of this extra hyper, over-excited Boston Terrier. Want a picture of him, go check out my Instagram. I am kind of obsessed with him to say the least. Adopting him has brought a joy into my life I cannot describe. Yes, he can be a little shit from time to time, but I would not have him any other way. You do not have to be rich or perfect to change the life of someone or something. If you want to adopt but aren’t ready for a child, start small, like I did. Dogs need good homes as well and the adoption fees are a little cheaper too.

Adoption is near and dear to my heart, obviously. Adoption can affect not only on a global scale but also locally. It can bring you joy and happiness for many years to come, but it can also allow you to share your joy and happiness with someone that may not have received any for a long time. Adoption knows no borders, no genders, no races. Adopting only sees a need and looks to help that need progress farther than others believe they can.


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