Day 29: I’m looking at you through the glass

January 29: Through the window
Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

Cars, a multitude of cars. Most not moving, a few drive by from time to time. Beyond that a few trees, some buildings. Small apartments, very small. I know, I use to live in one, small and cheap. Beyond that more buildings. Beyond that, lies so much more. Dreams, disasters, and the complete unknown, or College. My college to be specific, the University of Oklahoma.

These prompts are killing me, and showing my lack of creativity. I keep trying to work on the length of my post without losing quality, yet I feel if I try to add on to these prompts, the fluff over takes the piece. I try to make more posts than just the prompts but I have nothing to say, my words, my voice just seems to be stifled here of late. The novel is making progress, slowly but surely. The blog started off so well this year with those first few posts really feeling meaningful. But that has quickly changed. Lets hope my creativity finds its way back to me sometime soon.


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