Day 26: Musical

January 26: Musical
What role does music play in your life?

Silence. Most people require complete silence when working. Whether they be studying for finals, working on a proposal for their job, or just writing the next great American Novel. Not me. I require sound. Sound of music coming from my headphones, small talk being made over a latte, even the sounds of the latte being made. Silence is my creative kryptonite, it shuts my brain down and nothing flows down through my fingers and out to the keyboard and on the screen. It is a major bummer. Music can greatly affect my writing. Slow jams seems to make my sentences shorter while up tempo indie rock sounds extend my sentences with conjunctions and commas. I am still searching for the style of music that will break me of my normal vocabulary and force me to expand the words I choose. I do not wish to force my writing into a style of academia, but I know that the syntax of a writer is crucial for connecting to his readers. I like to think I pick and choose my words carefully than most, but that just is not true, unless I am behind the typewriter, which is currently only being used to write old fashioned love letters to my girlfriend.

I take thought into what words I use, but I do not take time to expand my vocabulary level as often as I would like. I use words I am familiar with and refuse to familiarize myself with different words. Someone told me to just start reading the dictionary, pick a letter and learn three new words a day then after a year, my vocabulary will have gained 1095 new words. I need to do something that makes my words stand out, that makes my words different than your typical writers. I want my verse to be something worth reading when I am older, looking back on my life. See yesterday’s post for more on what I mean by my verse.

Music helps me find my verse, helps me write it, live it. Music has and will always play a major role in my life. We all wander hopelessly along in our lives, I just like to have a nice soundtrack to wander too.


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