Day 25: Dearly departed

January 25: Dearly departed
Write your own eulogy.

For this post, I plan on writing this eulogy as if I die much later in life, and not at this very moment in time.

Today we gather to share a life that was lived to its fullest. A life that took multiple turns in so many directions yet this life’s pilot never once faltered. No matter what had been thrown his way, he always managed to come out of the experience, good or bad, with a smile on his face. From an early age, he found his verse, yet never settled for only one verse, allowing many new lines to be added, even if they did not flow perfectly with the previous line.

Perfection was one thing he never strove to achieve, realizing at an early age it was truly overrated. Even when someone attained perfection it would be greatly underappreciated by a society that could never grasp a definite meaning of what it meant to be “Perfect”. He worked hard from day one. School before college always came easy to him. He was able to focus on making friends and just living life, something he would excel at for the rest of his life. He was always surrounded by friends, no matter the situation.

College was a completely different experience for him. Learning things do not always come so easy and that nothing beats hard work and drive. Once he started working towards a certain goal, he never wavered in his pursuit. Life could get in the way for him from time to time, even forcing him to put a goal or two on the back burner, he would revisit that goal once life settled down.

After college, that hard work and drive would lead him to a life of love and happiness. He traveled the world, shared his passions with his fellow man and even found time to fall in love. His life was simple at times, exotic at other times. He could be that dull man home on a friday night locked in his room with his records and typewriter, as well as the center of attention at a party. He did what made him happy, what made other people happy. He knew going through life would be difficult, but you only get one life, so why not enjoy it. (Note this does not mean YOLO).

He did nothing life changing, yet still managed to change lives. His words, his actions and his thoughts while during his lifetime touched only a few souls, upon his death would reach the masses. He taught people every day about life, about the past and how not to relive it. He would not trade being a professor for anything, sharing his life, his words, his thoughts with so many students. He never truly exceled in the world of academia because he became the common mans professor. He cared more about what his students took from his classes rather than if an article or book became published. His ideas were not for sell, so he shared them whenever he felt they could do good even if they were unwanted. Even today, the day I am put six feet down, I still wont shut up. My life has come and gone. Are there things I regret, things I wish I could take back? Probably, but that doesn’t mean put in that situation again, I would not relive it exactly the same. My life was mine to live, and that is what I did, I lived it.

I was one of the lucky ones, I found my verse early, but did not let my first verse dictate how the rest would be written. I opened my mind and my heart to life, and never looked back. My life was a full one. So to those crying because I am no longer with you, stop. Go live life, go climb a mountian, write a book, become a father, just live life. If you do that, if you let life take you wherever it may, I will be there. I will be there when you are at your highest of highs and lowest of lows, and believe me there will be plenty of both. But that is what makes life worth living. That and the people you surround yourself with. You can never have to many friends. Sure you have best friends and friends you see maybe once a year, but nonetheless make friends. Fall in love, have your heart broken, break someones heart. You will fall down and skid your knees and elbows more than once, but having those people around you to help pick yourself up will make life that much more enjoyable. Find your verse, change your verse, rewrite your verse, whatever your verse is, grasp it firm, never lose it, and live your verse one day at a time.


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