Work: When there is nothing left to do

As some of you may know, I recently got a new Job.  I work on a major University campus, working in the Information Technology aspect of the campus.  My title, Technology Software Specialist, is the semi-fancy way of saying, I install software.  Obviously, my job is more than this. Much more. I interact with some of the worlds most sought after researchers in their field. From working with weather researchers to dirt researchers when I get to talk to this people my job can be overly stimulating. I can never process the information they tell me about their research quickly enough.   But from time to time, I feel like all I do is install software and use my time unwisely.  While my boss does a good job to secure side projects, from time to time, I still have down time.  When I first started, I enjoyed this.  I got caught up on my favorite TV shows, spent countless hours on Youtube, and watched the best of Vines videos for each week going back far too many weeks to count.  Here lately however, I decided to switch out my TV shows, with TED Talks. Youtube, replaced by the New York Times, Huffington Post, and Inside Higher Ed.  Lastly, I traded my funny Vines in, for NPR News.  On top of making me more informative on what is going on around me, I’ve noticed that it also helps keep me active.  Active in a sense that, I am using my brain, while my body stays seated. 

Watching TV shows, Youtube and Vines, yes are entertaining but don’t do much to stimulate my brain.  Sure, some shows make you think, gets the wheels churning but lets be honest, there is only so far a thought provocative scene from The Mentalist or HIMYM can take you.  Even shows like The Newsroom, or Dr. Who only push the brain so far.  It has been nice to get outside of my fantasy worlds and back to the real life.  Yes, you read that right.  I want out of my fantasy worlds and would like to rejoin you all in your mundane, boring real world life. When I write creatively I do not write of fantasy monsters in worlds unknown to people these days. I write what I know, and what I know is life. My life has not been as hard as most, quite the opposite, fairly easy compared to some. But living is what I know, so I write about it. Issues with dates, jobs, money, and family. Trying to find the time to juggle the new girlfriend while still keeping time for your friends as well as your own self. Life can get challenging. Writing about life, something people live on a daily basis and making it interesting though, that is the real challenge. People do not want to take time out of their life to read about something that could be happening to their neighbor. They want to be transported to a world away with the Doctor or battle Orcs against an evil eye. They do not have time for a man named Harry who lives in Seattle and meets a girl named Sally. Yet people are drawn to stories like that when writers draw them to it. So, back to writing, back to work and back to a more brain productive work day.


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