Day 23: Shipwrecked

January 23: Shipwrecked

Read the story of Richard Parker and Tom Dudley. Is what Dudley did defensible? What would you have done?

What would I do in this situation? What would anyone do in this type of situation? No one can ever truly know what they would do in this situation until they are actually put in it. Sure I will say if given the choice between dying or eating one of my comrades I would chose death. But put in that situation, as a man with a family. The other person in Parker’s state, near death, I can not give a definite answer. I enjoy life and living. If I had a family to think about that would only increase my want for life. But I would struggle with at what cost is too high a price to pay for my life? Is taking a life, no matter how close to death and eating that person too much? I hope to never be put in a situation like that where I would find out how I would react.

Writers note: I am afraid putting out a post a day is hurting my writing rather than helping. They say write every day and I do. Then I post it here. But I do not think the quality of my writing is getting any better. I have been working on this project for only 23 days and I feel like each day I put less effort into what I write. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Should I not want to make each post better than the previous one? Life has just been a bit on the busy side lately and I have not had much time to focus on this blog so sitting down two minutes here, five there and trying to knock out a coherent quality post seems to be getting harder and harder. Hopefully life will slow down soonish and I can work on getting better quality posts to come out of my keyboard and onto your screen, but until then, please have faith in me that I can write better. I will write better. I need to write better.


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