Day 22: I got skills

January 22: I got skills

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Master of any skill in the world? I could be a trained assassin going back in time to change history. Maybe even a ninja to come and go as I please. Hell, I could master the stock market so I could become filthy rich then do whatever I wanted. Travel the world, live abroad, leave and never come back. I would master the art of learning. But not just learning anything, I would want to be able to pick up any language I wanted in a matter a weeks. Languages play a huge roll in all aspects around the world. If I could speak or read any language I wanted, I would be able to travel freely getting freelance jobs where ever my heart desires. Plus learning languages is on of the hardest things for me, so being able to master just how to do that would make me rather pleased.

Mastering languages would aid me in whatever else I wished to try my hand at, wherever I wanted to try it at. I would also love to be able to read any ancient texts in their original form. I am a firm believer that many ideas can be lost in translation and in order to fully understand a translated document the reader must do the translating. He must be able to justify why a word that could very well translate into three modern words, translates at just one. Understanding why the ancient person choose what words they did better understands the history around the piece as well as the author. Understand the language, understand history.


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