Day 21: Sweet Sixteen

January 21: Sweet Sixteen

When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

At 16 I just started driving. Went on my first date without my parents and even got my first real kiss (yes I was a late bloomer). What I expected my life to look like now, I could not really tell you. I wish I could, I wish I would have written down my thoughts at that age. I know my goal from 6th grade on has been the same. Go to the University of Oklahoma, get a PH D in history and teach college classes somewhere. Right now, that plan is still somewhat, well on plan. I graduated from OU with a degree in History. I currently work for the University and plan to start back in graduate school very soon. I am excited to be getting back in school. Even though I have been out less than a year, I miss it.

If you told me at 16 about my life now, I would probably laugh and say something like, “I don’t really like computers. No way am I working on them on a daily basis.” But am I upset my life doesn’t look like I thought it would. Currently I am happier than I have been in a very long time and working on becoming happier every day. It is not as easy as it sounds. Happy is not something I have ever been good at. I tend to screw things up, so I am trying to not screw things up at the moment. I am doing my best to not over think my life and just live it. When I over think, I screw things up.

My life probably does not look like I would have expected it to look when I was 16 and I am okay with that. My life is currently going very well, so why mess with a good thing, right?


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