Day 19: Apply yourself

January 19: Apply yourself

Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.

Does attempting to learn how to live life count?  That has never came easily to me, and I highly doubt it ever will.  If I was still in school, I would be attempting to progress my working knowledge of the Ancient Greek language.  Even out of school I try to keep my ability to translate Greek and Latin texts up to par.  Not as often as I would like though.  That is were the whole attempting to live life gets in the way.  Attempting to find time to do it all.  The reading, the writing, the learning.  There just is never enough hours in the day to complete everything on my to-do list.  This is what being an adult feels like.  Some days I like it others I wish I was back in elementary school taking a nap, waiting on my teach to eat her lunch so she could read to us.  Those were the days of old.  Most days now do not come with a guaranteed nap.  Most will not even allow a full eight hours of sleep, just enough to make the next day bearable.  But now, back on the topic at hand.

Trying to learn new things are difficult and challenging.  Some people are much better than others at picking up new concepts.  I love learning new languages, mainly because they do not come easy to me.  I suck at them, but yet enjoy the challenges each new language presents.  In my life, I have tried learning Spanish, Italian, Ancient Greek and Latin. So there it is. Languages will have been the last thing I tried to learn that I found difficult, yet still something I enjoyed. Languages will always be something I hope to continue to learn. I apologize for the short post, but I am having a breakthrough in some of my other creative endeavors and feel that while the iron is hot I should strike.



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