Day 16: Toot your horn

January 16: Toot your horn

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

I hate talking about myself in a positive light. I do not know why, but it is much easier to talk about what I could/should change about myself rather than discuss what does not need much work. But this actually wont be as difficult as I expected it would. One thing I have always felt like I do well is listen. Now, excluding my parents and some teachers, I do listen very well. I take interest to what the other person is saying. I watch them as they speak, notice when they get excited or pull back. With being a good listener, also comes good advice. Or at least decent advice. No one has died from listening to my advice, yet. Knowing the person helps when giving advice, but I have been known to give advice to complete strangers. Not quite sure if they were interested in my two cents, but they got it anyway.

Talking to strangers I got from an uncle of mine. He could talk to anyone and when I was younger I never quite understood how. Honestly it would embarrass me. Some strangers greeted him kindly, others awkwardly tried to avoid him and get away. But those strangers that did greet never left the conversation with anything but the biggest smile on their face. My uncle was one of those people that could make anyone feel better about themselves. I love my parents to death, and they did a fine job raising me. But one of the best parts of my life growing up was having a live in uncle. He influence me in more ways than I have even begun to realize. He still influences me to this day even though he is gone. Even though I never got to tell him just how lucky I felt to have him around, I hope he knew. Even through the fighting and rough days. The better days, the happier one made it all worthwhile. Now that the post is off topic, I guess I should end it here.


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