365 Posts: Day 2

January 2: Resolved

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?


This last year I had made five Resolutions.  Read 52 books, Buy a house, Get a big kid job, Workout more and finally get out of credit card debt.  I completed two of the five.  Not my best work.  I read 52 books as well as got a big kid job.  The working out stayed for a few months, but nothing the past four or five.  I did not buy a house sadly and still have the credit card debt.  This year, I only have three.  Again, I keep the get out of credit card debt goal. I will probably have that goal forever.  But I also want to make 365 posts on this blog.  I hope to make more.  Finally, learn to play the piano. That will go into my read twelve books goal for this blog as well. I plan to focus first on reading music. From that how to’s on the piano. Finally I plan on learning some history about different music styles.  Lets see how this year goes.


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