My weekend


If you make it to my page, you will see my Instagram posts on the right. And you will see this picture already on there. For those of you who do not stalk my page and constantly checkout my pictures, here is what my girlfriend and I did this weekend. A friend of ours posted on her Facebook page that this was something we would do. The tree she posted was smaller, yet still cute. We decided to make it bigger. I recently purchased a large quantity of books, around 350. While I wait to sell them, what better way to display them. The tree seems to be a hit. We are having an “end of the semester” party this Friday, so I am excited to hear what people say about it in person. It should be fun. The weather got bad and Campus was closed so my girlfriend did not have to go to class and I did not have to go to work. This was the result. As I said, it was a day well spent. Wine, a book tree and a day spent with my girlfriend. Kinda hard to top that.


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