Well, after going on a stretch of posting on a regular basis, I fell off the wagon.  But for good reason.  My fathers illness finally came to a head.  He had no choice but to go to the emergency room, but we finally have closure.  It was not cancer, but instead an abscess.  After a few days in ICU and a couple more in the hospital he is back home.  Better then he has been in months.  Still not completely taken care of, but he is finally on the road to recovery.  He finally pulled his head out of his ass and decided to get healthy.  Life is slowly on the mend.  Not sure how they will handle the bills, but still, at least he is healthy. 

Now more good news.  I recently acquired around 330 books for a very good price, around 50 cents a book.  Publishing dates range from 1880-2003.  Most of the books from the 1930’s-1970’s.  A few classics, a majority no names, yet interesting titles.  Even an autograph or two.  I need to get them looked at soon.  One may even be signed by Hillary Clinton.  That would be cool.  And worth a quick penny.  Funny thing though, I’d love to make a buck or two off all the books.  But I don’t need to become rich.  Maybe buy another book or two.  That would be nice.  Pay off a bill or two would be even nicer.  Either way, I’ve got some interesting books, in good condition for sell if anyone is interested.  First editions, signed, some even have the Dust Jacket still. I’m working on an excel spreadsheet with a list of all the books I am going to sell. I think I will probably try selling them on Amazon or ebay.  

Work is about to get busy. Switching out the Virus Protection software we use for all campus user. And only have 45 days to make the switch. Joy. Work is going well though. I enjoy being busy. It makes the days go by faster. Work interferes with getting into shape though. Or, I guess my laziness does. I have not ran or worked out in going on three weeks. I need to get back into shape. I need to start running again. At least running. But it is getting cold outside. I think I am going to add a membership to the University Gym. It breaks down to about $10 a month. I can go run before work each day. That would work I think. Or maybe after work? Or I can just suck it up, and run outside each morning. I think I should try that. I just suck at getting up early.

I plan on trying to continue the momentum I had from my previous posts. Try to maintain a schedule of posts that keep my few readers up to date. As well as allowing me to focus on writing. I rarely write these days it seems. I miss it. And with all these new books I will be trying to unload, I do not see much free time in my near future. There just is not enough hours in the day.


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