6 Word Story For Monday #4

unaware but underlined

Open me, slip in, find yourself.


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Computer vs Typewriter vs Pen

Recently while scrolling through my WordPress Reader, I saw a picture.  A dark black, beautiful typewriter.  Here is a link to the picture and blog: http://erikslehman.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/typewriter-porn-of-the-week/.  I have a typewriter.  Nothing special, a gray and green 1940's Smith-Corona Skyriter I picked up from Ebay.  I love it.  Something about it just makes the hair on the … Continue reading Computer vs Typewriter vs Pen


Well, after going on a stretch of posting on a regular basis, I fell off the wagon.  But for good reason.  My fathers illness finally came to a head.  He had no choice but to go to the emergency room, but we finally have closure.  It was not cancer, but instead an abscess.  After a … Continue reading Overdue