Part 4

Here is the final part I have written for what seems to be the beginning of something, a novel, short story, I do not know yet. But life has once again gotten in the way, and I haven’t been able to add to it. I will explain all of that in a post tomorrow. But for now, Part 4. Two paragraphs. It does not seem like much.

After all that work, William needed food, Paris food. Not familiar with the city, he decided to just walk until something smelled good. Which lucky for him, was right down the street. It was some sort of coffee shop, or maybe bagel shop. He couldn’t really tell by the name,________ but the smell. The smell was a mixture of heaven and nice, all rolled into one. This was all he needed to know he wanted to give it a shot. Stepping through the door, he felt transported back in time, which time he was not quite sure of though. He did not care either, the food was delicious. He tried the _______ with coffee. The coffee was almost as amazing as the food. After eating he decided he would just walk around the city. But first, back to the apartment. He did not realize just how much dirt he was covered in until after he had eaten. This was no way to make a first impression on this magnificent city before him.

Showered, fresh clothes, William slipped his shoes on, and hit the streets of Paris for an early afternoon stroll. But there was one problem. He had no idea where anything was in the city. Once out the door, his second tough decision of the day, left and go past his new favorite brunch place, or right, into the unknown heart of the city. He chose the heart of the city, a city that his mother was born in. A city that raised his mother on the streets, into an amazing woman. A city that introduced his Father to his mother. As he turned left and began his stroll, William thought, no city is perfect. But that day was perfect. A beautiful day for a walk through the streets of Paris. A cool autumn afternoon, leaves slowly changing to a bright crisp brown. The trees fit perfectly with the surrounding buildings. Sure, Paris was a modern city, but if you search long enough and hard enough, you’ll find the true hidden beauty. Parts of the city hasn’t changed in decades, possibly even a century. William was struck by the variety. He was not all that familiar with the different types of architecture. But he thought, what better place to study about architecture then the birthplace of major structures. While he did not know much, he did not need to know much to be able to appreciate the city and all it had to offer.


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