Part 4

Here is the final part I have written for what seems to be the beginning of something, a novel, short story, I do not know yet. But life has once again gotten in the way, and I haven't been able to add to it. I will explain all of that in a post tomorrow. But … Continue reading Part 4


Part 3

A continuing of my two previous posts: “Help you find anything, sir?” William looked at the old man behind the counter, “No, no, just going to browse. Thank you though.” He spent hours, countless hours just walking around. Staying till they were closing, he bought just one book. A handwritten journal. It had no dates, … Continue reading Part 3

Not Much

It is not much, but it is a start...Sitting on the plane as it began the descent into the airport, his mind wandered.  Hard to believe three days ago, sipping scotch, laughing, he discussed business with his Fathers partners, mere hours after lowering him into the ground.  Father, funny word that is, he loathed being … Continue reading Not Much