Football for Girlfriends

The weather is changing, starting to cool down.  Students are back at the Universities and that can mean only one thing.  My girlfriend is about to experience her first season of football while dating me.  See, she has not really had to deal with my sports obsession to the fullest just yet.  We started dating around March.  College basketball was winding down, my Lakers were in the heart of a race for 8th in the Western Conference with no hopes of winning a title and I have never been one to watch baseball on TV.  So other than the occasional couple hours of golf, the Panama/USA Gold Cup match and the movie 42, her exposure to my sports fetish has been rather mild.

During both the Gold Cup and 42 it became clear that when she said she was not an avid watcher of sports, she was not kidding.  I attempted to explain soccer to her, I am still learning myself but she seemed to get the basic concept.  After about three and a half hours of 42, which is only a two hour movie, she sort of understood baseball a little better.  I plan to sit her down to watch Major League and Any Given Sunday to help better explain baseball and give her a taste of football.  However, once football truly gets into the swing of things, I am afraid a side of me may come out that can only be compared to that of my girlfriend at a vintage clothes sale: Do not talk to me, I am trying to focus here.  I SAID SILENCE!

Okay, so I probably would never actually say that to her, I do enjoy having a girlfriend and want to keep her around.  I do know she will need to be caught up on the sport.  More then that though, I want her to better understand WHY I have a passion for football, or any sport for that matter.  But mainly football.  Why I can watch chick flicks or dramas for days, showing no emotion, but always seem to get something in my eye during this scene from Rudy.

But Football is more then a sport, its reliving the glory days, friendships you will never forget, bonding in the back yard with your dad throwing the pigskin.  Football is an escape, an art.  Football is about making the impossible, possible.  From an Immaculate Reception, to The Play.  It is about watching your team make it to Super Bowl XXXII, have control of the game only to watch an aging quarterback lead a 12 play drive that included this:

Football can break your heart, sometimes a lot harder then a girl ever could.  But unlike the girl that broke your heart, football comes back.  It always comes back.  For four months out of the year, football is there, come rain or shine, as long as there is no lightning.  But other than just watching football on TV, thanks to Wilfred “Bill” Winkenbach and some of his friends, fans can be owners as well, owners of their own fantasy team.

Fantasy football is indescribable but one word that can come close to it Phantasmagorical.  Where else can grown men get together for 3 hours to draft players on a team that they control.  Oh ya, and where else will you find guys spending days upon days to research and study players habits, traits and value.  Not to mention pay money to compete with other guys who do the same things just to have bragging rights at the end of the year over all your friends.  Let us not forget the trash talking:

Warning this video is not for children. 

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “Wasn’t this post suppose to explain to my girlfriend the ins and outs of football?”  If you want her to know that, tell her to go read this: This post isn’t about understanding football, it is about grasping ladies, why your man can not go stand 5 hours in the mall following you from shop to shop but could sit on the couch from 9 Am on a Saturday to 10 PM Sunday night watching football.  Sports are not about stats, numbers or money.  Sports are about the moments, these moments.


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