Coffee shop thoughts

Be prepared for a collection of thoughts with no rhyme or reason, just thoughts.  Thoughts about what I see, what I am thinking, just a 20’s something males thoughts on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at a local coffee shop in Norman Oklahoma.


As I sit here, on a yellowish couch that screams the 70’s, it is plain to see how anyone can get sucked in to this place.  Bikes hang from the ceiling, local art for sell on the walls and an atmosphere unmistakably hipster.  Closing my eyes, I hear the making of coffee, indie music lightly playing in the background and voices.  Loud voices, quiet voices, males, females.  Some talking about the excitement of a new semester, others talking about life.  People reading, people writing, people just being people.  I see couple’s on dates, new love coming into its own.  And the smell, the wonderful smell of freshly pressed coffee completely filling your nose as soon as you step through the heavy door.  Dim lighting, but two large windows in the front that shines light all the way to the back of the room.  There is something about a place like this that just draws me in, and makes me never want to leave.  I could spend everyday at a place like this.  You get all different kinds of people in a coffee shop.  So many new faces to meet, have insightful conversations with, or just shoot the shit.  No matter what you talk about, or who you talk with, just talk.  Humans interact, so why not interact with a new person.  Ya, it might come off as strange to the other person at first that a complete stranger wants to have a conversation with them.  Sure, some people will ask you to leave them alone, but then you may have a profound and meaningful conversation with someone.  Or at the very least find someone to help pass the time with.

This week has been a good week.  Starting to get into a routine at work.  Almost done working my night job so I will have my nights and weekends back soon.  I’m getting excited about the future, an excitement that has not really been there recently.  I am a fan of the future, and the present, but not so much when I do not feel I have a solid grasp on the present.  I am starting to feel as though I have that grasp.  I will never fully grasp the present, but I do not want too.  That would make life too easy.  And no one wants an easy life, right?

This weekend has been an exciting one.  A surprise birthday party on Friday night and a work game night last night.  Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon at a coffee shop.  This weekend has also been good on the relationship.  The girl and I had some ups this weekend, but we also had a couple downs.  But having downs with her are helpful.  Downs help me grow, she helps me grow.  It is a good feeling to grow as a person, and of late I feel as though I am growing as a human at a fast pace.  I have not felt like I have grown so much, so quickly in a very long time.  My communication skills are rapidly being put to the test in my relationship.  Some days I do better than others.  Some days are easier than others.  Some days are just straight up difficult.  But it is those difficult days that I make my breakthroughs.

I’ve been at this coffee shop many times.  But a first just happened.  As a new friend was leaving, he imparted wise words to be safe, in every endeavor.  He then proceeded to give me a handful of condoms.  I’ve seen him around town before, we have had conversations before.  He is quite the interesting character.  We exchanged cards.  Which is a first for me.  I am still getting adjusted to having business cards to give out to people.  These are the kinds of characters you meet at a coffee shop.  Especially in a college town that attracts all different sorts of characters.  This is why I love this town.

It is these days, these moments, these memories that stay with you.  Grasp them while you can for as long as you can.  It is your responsibility to make the most of your life.  Why wait till tomorrow to start?

I’ve been reading a book called The Greater Journey, Americans in Paris.  It is about the great American thinkers, who during the early 1800’s went to Paris instead of out west.  One quote from the book, talking of a letter written to the father of a medical student in Paris.  The son, James Jackson Jr says, “We live indeed in darkness, and it costs more time to discover the falsity of pretended truth that it would perhaps to reach something truly valuable…”  That stood out to me, still not sure why.  I’ll do some more thinking on it and get back to you.

Well, it has been a successful trip to the coffee shop.  I got some reading, good conversation, and condoms.  Who can’t call that a great day.  This post will most likely have grammar mistakes.  For those I apologize, but for this kind of writing, I do not want to go back and try to edit.  When I edit, I change.  I have not mastered the skill of only changing my grammar.  So for now, I write and when I finish, I publish.  My first second reading comes after it is published.


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