Football for Girlfriends

The weather is changing, starting to cool down.  Students are back at the Universities and that can mean only one thing.  My girlfriend is about to experience her first season of football while dating me.  See, she has not really had to deal with my sports obsession to the fullest just yet.  We started dating … Continue reading Football for Girlfriends


Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits   Another school semester will soon begin. If you’re in school, are you looking forward to starting classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over?   This is the first August in 19 years that I am not enrolled in classes.  … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits

Coffee shop thoughts

Be prepared for a collection of thoughts with no rhyme or reason, just thoughts.  Thoughts about what I see, what I am thinking, just a 20's something males thoughts on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at a local coffee shop in Norman Oklahoma.   As I sit here, on a yellowish couch that screams the 70's, … Continue reading Coffee shop thoughts


Let’s get personal…

Warning:  I once kept a personal journal but have recently decided to run this blog.  This post is going to be personal.  Knowing that most of my followers do not know me in real life, allows me to feel fine with sharing some things I usually would not.  I can open up to complete strangers … Continue reading Let’s get personal…