Photography.  I miss it.  Back in the day, I use to never leave home without my camera, but recently, I have not been able to snap one photo.  I look forward to when I will be able to start taking pictures again.  I have two job interviews coming up, and with a little luck, in a couple weeks I will only be working one job and have some more free time on my hands.  That will be nice.  With my nights and weekends back, I should have enough time to start enjoying life.  I will be able to put time back into the things I truly enjoy.  Reading, writing, might even try to learn French.  One of the perks of having a girlfriend that majors in French.  My reading has slacked greatly here recently.  My reading has slowed to a horrible level.  I read about 100-200 pages a week.  Well below what I was averaging a few months ago when I was reading around that a day.  Other than that, life has been going well.  It has been nice.  Getting closer to the financial freedom I will need to cut down the stress in my life.

I am currently reading the Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes as well as Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling.  I am not sure how I feel about it so far.  I keep waiting for Harry to appear, or Ron to smart off to Hermione.  The story seems interesting enough, but I feel as though something is missing.  No I do not mean wizards and magic, although that would be nice.  I feel as though Rowling is trying to hard in her writing.  She is trying to make too much out of nothing.  I am still working my way through it, so I will keep you updated.  As always, Sherlock is Sherlock.  Ever witty and perceptive.  Seeing modern day twists on the classics have always been interesting to me.  Keeping the character names the same, yet modernizing them.

But alas, back to work.  I know I keep throwing out blank promises, but I will do my best at updating this more regularly.  Once I start taking pictures again, I will begin uploading some of my shots.  Nothing too fancy, just shots of my local community and the little things in life that fascinate me.  If you want to see some of my mobile shots, feel free to find me on instagram: boozedboston  I take way too many pictures of my Boston Terrier, Hayden and a lot of shots of alcohol.  (I work nights at a liquor store, so it is allowed.)


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