So, while I sit at work filling out an application for the Norman Public Library, I realize something.  I have blog posts, and a description of myself, I still have not given much insight into who I am.  So, lets see if this helps.  The application for the job is complete, except for my Philosophy: State your library philosophy briefly and clearly, especially as it relates to public libraries and customer service.  I love books, and libraries and the experience you get when you find a book you were not looking for.  But how do I give that in one page and sound professional?  Well, before I write, the application makes you hand write out your response, I thought I would type it out here.  So, here goes…

“When dealing with public libraries, I believe it is key to make everyone and anyone feel that they belong.  Books are full of information and knowledge.  These books should not be kept away or hidden from anyone.  Public access to these books are a crucial privilege granted to libraries and their staff.  The staff should be well educated in not only the typical library functions but also have some form of customer service background.  Beyond being kind and courteous, the staff must be knowledgable on how the library is kept and be able to locate items in a quick manner.  But not only these characteristics but also the ability to be patient with young and old alike.  With current technology in full swing an understanding of the internet and all its facets such as email, facebook, online chatting and unlimited research capabilities.  Computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are good tools to have at your disposal.”

That sure does sound cheesy.  But that, gives you a small insight into my love and passion for books.  Each day technology grows more and more prominent in our society.  They say the book will soon be replaced by the e-book.  But I do not think that is possible.  Writing has taken many forms over history.  Wall caves, rock tablets, papyrus, paperback form, and now on the internet.  I do not believe the internet is just a fad.  It will be around for a while.  But it will never, and could never replace the feel, smell and touch of a book.


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